Em:t Records (partially found albums of defunct record company; 1998-2004)

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Mockup of the cover art of "em:t 1198", one of the lost albums.

Status: Partially Found

em:t Records was a record label active from 1994 to 1998, and from 2003 to 2006. It specialized in releasing ambient music from artists such as Woob, Coco Steel & Lovebomb, Mat Jarvis (aka. Gas & High Skies), and more. The label initially went defunct in 1998 due to financial troubles, leaving two planned albums, em:t 1198 and Gas2 2298, unreleased. The first was going to be a Various Artists compilation,[1] the other would be a second album from Gas.[2] Some of the tracks from both albums exist on prior releases from the label, but it is unknown if all of them exist.

The label had a second run from 2003 to 2006, having only six releases before closing down for good. One of the releases was going to be from James Murray, under the alias of Sub, in 2004.[3] However, only limited promo CDr copies were released. Some of the tracks were reworked into Murray's 2008 album "Where Edges Meet", but the other tracks still remain missing.

Found Tracks

Gas "Oxygen", from em:t 1197 and Gas2 2298.

Natural Language "Sylvanshine", from Natural Language 0098 and em:t 1198.

Gas "Vapournaut", from em:t 2296 and Gas2 2298.