Empress Chung (partially found Korean animated film; 2005)

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The film's theatrical poster.

Status: Partially Found

Empress Chung (Korean: 왕후심청) is a 2005 animated feature film, produced in both North and South Korea and directed by Nelson Shin, and based on a famous Korean folk tale about a daughter who sacrifices herself to restore her blind father's eyesight. It became the first film to have been released simultaneously in both North and South Korea and was featured at the 2004 Annecy International Animation Festival, it was also recognized with several awards in Korea.

Disappearance[edit | edit source]

Empress Chung simply vanished with no home release was ever produced. The only things related to the movie found online is the trailer, sound test animation, some screenshots[1] and a collection of children's books.[2]

There has also been evidence suggesting despite not being released on DVD internationally or in South Korea, that it was released in North Korea because Johannes Schönherr has mentioned Empress Chung when talking about his latest North Korean DVD acquiring, however without more evidence it can neither be confirmed nor disconfirmed whether North Korean DVD release is real.[3]

Another thing worth noting is that the movie does have a page on FilmDoo which does allow users to vote if they want to see the movie available on the platform.[4]

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The trailer for the film.
The sound test animation.
interview with footage.
more news with footage.

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