Epiderm-A (lost commercial for Filipino whitening lotion; 2000s)

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Said to be the print ad version of the ad (from Philippine Daily Inquirer, dated 9/22/2000).

Status: Lost

Epiderm-A was a whitening lotion in the Philippines. In the early 2000s, a commercial was made advertising the said brand starring Filipino actress Shermaine Santiago.[1]

Premise[edit | edit source]

The commercial starts off with Shermaine wearing a white dress with a wind effect. She is said to be floating. Then, a circular motion transition of the old look to the new look of Epiderm A bottle with the tagline "Alagang Everyday... Alagang Epiderm-A!". The logo was shown at the end afterward.[2]

The commercial has a print ad version shown in newspapers in 2000 from Philippine Daily Inquirer. The model of Epiderm-A at that time was Shermaine Santiago.[3]

Availability[edit | edit source]

It was said to be aired on GMA-7 during Maynila and Pira-pirasong Pangarap in the early 2000s (a person said it was aired on September 2000, the same month the print ad was posted) according to eyewitnesses. A person said to have contacted Shermaine but she said she doesn't have a copy of the said commercial. The commercial was said to be uploaded on YouTube way back in 2006 but was since deleted.[4]

The TV version of the commercial hasn't yet resurfaced again on the web.

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