Fant4stic - Josh Trank cut (lost deleted scenes of superhero film; 2015)

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Status: Lost

Fantastic Four, also known as the film's marketing title Fant4stic, is a 2015 film following the titular comic book heroes.[1] The film was met with harsh reception, earning a 9% on RottenTomatoes and a 27/100 Metascore.[2] In particular, the film was heavily criticized for its overly dark tone in contrast with the other Fantastic Four films, poor plot and its slow pacing, undeveloped characters and lackluster special effects.

Director Josh Trank has openly stated his dissatisfaction with the film, announcing how his cut of the film was rejected by 20th Century Fox in favor of a dumbed-down version.[3] This has been confirmed in some ways by several deleted scenes from the trailers.

It is currently unknown whether or not this cut of the film will be officially released or if it even exists anymore.



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