Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids: "Busted" (lost uncensored version of animated series episode; 1984)

"Busted" (uncensored version)
A screenshot of the episode.
A screenshot of the episode.
Status Lost

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was an animated series produced by Filmation and authored by Bill Cosby. The show was based on Cosby’s childhood memories and his stand-up comedy acts from the 1960s. It ran from 1972 to 1984.[1]


The episodes consisted of the characters getting into trouble and learning a lesson. Many people looking back do not consider this series to be child-friendly. The series had episodes pertaining to STDs, racism, pornography, and, most infamously, an episode on gang violence in which a child is shot and killed trying to protect his older brother. The series was also known for handling some topics poorly, such as an episode about an autistic child where the word “retarded” was used by a teacher to describe the child.[2]

Censored episode

The episode "Busted" was used to teach children about the consequences of breaking the law: the characters visit a real prison and learn about the hardships of being an inmate. The original airing of the episode contained uncensored swearing from the prisoners, but later airings were censored.

Since then, no recordings or clips of the original airing have surfaced online. Even the DVD releases do not have the uncensored version. One possibility is that the original studio may have it, but it’s a slim chance if the censoring was still on the original tape. However, since the episode aired in 1984, there is also a possibility that a VHS recording may exist somewhere.[3]


A clip of the censored version of the episode that can be found on YouTube.


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11 days ago
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I remember watching the censored episode on hulu and there were many coments saying "the lip syncing looks off, I remember there being swearing." It'll be interesting if this gets found.
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