Figure it Out (partially found unaired pilot of Nickelodeon game show; mid 1990s)

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Fio pilot.PNG

The pilot's title card.

Status: Partially Found

Footage appears at 2:00-2:01 and 2:13-2:16.

Figure it Out is a Nickelodeon game show that originally ran from 1997-2000 and was hosted by Summer Sanders. What many fans of this show don't know is that some time during the mid-'90s (specific year unknown), a pilot was made and it was entirely different from the end result. Sadly, it has faded into obscurity and it was never aired.

For the pilot, instead of Summer Sanders, Kevin Seal was chosen to be the host, and instead of the '90s Nickelodeon-ish themed set that was used for the remainder of the series, it was multi-colored and filled with puzzle pieces. The panelists were Darris Love, Irene Ng, Kevin Kopelow and Danny Tamberelli. It's currently unknown if there were any differences in gameplay, why Kevin didn't host the rest of the series, and why the set changed drastically.

The only known footage of this pilot that has surfaced is in a 5-minute compilation video created by a former crew member of Nickelodeon Studios for it's 10-year anniversary (uploaded by avavideos1), as with many other unreleased Nickelodeon Studios pilots.