First Love, Fatal Love (lost HBO docudrama; 1991)

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New York Times article that talks about 3 TV shows about the AIDS Virus, that mentions First Love, Fatal Love.

Status: Lost

First Love, Fatal Love was a half-hour HBO special about "love and AIDs," dramatizing the true story of a woman named Kim Frey.


First Love, Fatal Love is about a woman named Kim Frey (played by Alexandra Auder) who contracted the AIDS virus through her experience with a man named Michael that she met in college. The special would jump back and forth from what happened in that college, to five years later after what happened, to where it would just get out of the dramatization and the real Kim Frey would come and speak. At the end of the special, the real Kim Frey talks about how she didn't have safe sex with Micheal, leading up to how she got the virus. She then tells people to go practice safe sex if they want to but also saying that she has no control over you and to do whatever you want. She also said you should get tested for the AIDS virus.[1][2]


First Love, Fatal Love featured actors such as Steve Zahn, Alexandra Auder, and Parker Posey. The special first aired on Tuesday, April 9th, 1991 and would have repeat airings on April 15th, 20th, 25th, and 28th of that same year. Even with all of the repeat airings, no known footage or screenshots from the half-hour special have been put online.

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