First ManSub Demo (lost Manic Subsidal demo tape; 1984-1985)

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The First ManSub Demo cassette tape by Manic Subsidal (later known as The Offspring), recorded in 1984 or 1985.

Status: Lost

Manic Subsidal was an American punk rock band started by Bryan Keith "Dexter" Holland and Gregory David Kriesel (also known as Greg K.) in 1984. In 1986, the band changed its name to The Offspring.[1] During the time as Manic Subsidal, the band only released one studio recorded song called "Hopeless".[2] Other songs that were recorded during this time were "Very Sarcastic", "Sorority Bitch",[3] "Police Protection"[4] and "Private World".[5]

Prior to the lead guitarist Kevin John Wasserman (also known as Noodles) joining the band in 1985,[1] Manic Subsidal recorded a demo cassette tape, on which it was written First ManSub Demo.[6] The demo tape was unknown to the general public until 12 April 2014, when Noodles posted a picture of it on Twitter. When asked if the band was to release a compilation of old demo songs, Noodles replied that "[it] would greatly lessen many people's opinions of us. Seriously, nobody wants to hear them." The day after Noodles said that he "rewound that [First ManSub Demo] tape today & it broke",[7] potentially making the demo tape lost forever.

The songs on the demo tape have not been confirmed and are therefore unknown. However, the previous band member Marcus Parrish stated in 2006 that "there is a rough live jam of a song called 'Private World' out there somewhere on cassette but who knows where that went", which might be referring to the First ManSub Demo.[5]


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