Fizzy's Lunch Lab (partially found Flash games based on PBS Kids web series; 2009-2021)

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A promotional image for the show.

Status: Partially Found

Fizzy's Lunch Lab was a web-exclusive PBS Kids series that lasted from 2009 to 2021. The show was fairly well-received, even garnering several Daytime Emmy nominations.[1][2] Like many of its other successful counterparts, it received a number of web games, most of which used Flash. Despite the positive reception, the show fell into obscurity, and in 2021, the official website was taken down due to most browsers stopping the support of Flash-based websites. While all of the episodes were easily archived, the website had an unusual GUI that made it so all of the show's online games weren't able to run off-site, making any chance of archiving them near-impossible. As a result of this, most of the Flash games on the website are now lost.

Web Games

Game Title Status
Sully the Cell's Memory Match Lost
Fizzy's Balance Bots Found
Mixie's Boogie Buffet Lost
Freddy's Switcheroo Lost
Kitchen Tour with Mixie Found
Safety Tips Found
Corporal Cup's Food Camp Found
Hard Boiled Lost
Freestyle Fizz Lost
Hectic Harvest Lost
Escape From Greasy World Lost
Freddy's Carnival Countoff Lost
Sully's Delivery Day Lost
Snacker Stacker Lost
Fresh Pick Lost
Food Truck Found