Frivolous Fairytales (partially found animated series; 2002)

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Art of the show from the website.

Status: Partially Found

Frivolous Fairytales is an early 2000s childrens cartoon created by Ghost Productions. The show is credited to Manny Trembley, who has confirmed that while he did work on the show, he no longer possesses any copies of it.

Info from the Creator

Production on Frivolous Fairytales began sometime in the early 2000s, with the only known copies of the show in existence having been sold via the show’s website or given away to friends of Manny Trembley. In addition to this, Trembley has stated that while he no longer owns any materials related to the show, he did write, storyboard, and voice act for the show.


The only available footage of Frivolous Fairytales is from a 55 second demo reel posted on Vimeo by a user named awedjob. Manny Trembley has confirmed that awedjob did work with him but that he is someone who is rarely seen online. An attempt was made to contact awedjob, but even if he saw the messages he has yet to respond.

Aside from the 55 second demo reel, Frivolous Fairytales is almost entirely lost. An archived version of the show’s website is available via the Wayback Machine, although any media hosted on the website such as additional video content is not archived; this includes 8 “mockumentary” episodes regarding the production of the show. It is unknown how many episodes of the show were produced as no list of episodes is available online. On the archived website, there are two now-defunct links that presumably led consumers to pages where they could purchase DVD and VHS copies of the show.


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