GMA: Where You Belong! (partially found Filipino station ID; 1998-2002)

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Still from the Station ID, with GMA logo at the top right edited out

Status: Partially Found

GMA Network is a Filipino free-to-air and radio network. It is known as the "Rainbow" network since the 1990s due to its identifications having rainbows on them. However, what is known more is the last Rainbow ID of GMA, from 1998 until 2002 when the Rainbow was changed to a Heart.

Info[edit | edit source]

The much more known 30-seconder station ID with a sky background, with letters G, M, A, and the rainbow coming together to form the logo.[1] There was also a music video, described by an eyewitness, being a stranger would pass by a street full of TV, and Michael V. then shows up. There is also a scene where a logo sticker falls over fishball condiments.[2] It is also said to feature the known GMA Boy mascot and was directed by Raul Ona.[3] There were also other versions of the 30-seconder ID, being with the "Where Heroes Belong" tagline,[4] version without the tagline,[5] a short version with the voiceover saying, "Ito po ang GMA",[6], a Summer version in 1999 of the said ident with the tagline, "Where Summer Belongs", a version featuring Steve of Startalk was rapping along the streets with a security guard with a restaurant said to be aired in 2000 and one of the last Where You Belong! IDs[7], and a said regional version wherein the voiceover says this in their respective languages, "This is GMA TV (6/7/5) Iloilo/Cebu/Davao." It is said to be aired before regional news shows.[8]

Availability[edit | edit source]

The ID albeit not full was included in a lot of teasers and commercials that have resurfaced since in the late 2000s[9] On December 2016, a cut 30-seconder ID was found[10] and on 2019, another ID was found, albeit in low-quality.[11] A press kit featuring the scenes from the ID was found by Diego Keyser via Cruz Image.[12] The short version was then found by sandiessss on June 24, 2020[13] and without tagline on October 13, 2020 by Diego Keyser.[14]

On May 23, 2021, the full 30-seconder ID was uploaded by GMA themselves, on the Click Episode 1 video via YouTube SuperStream.[15] In March 24, 2022, JACOBSHLTR found a partial sighting of the music video in a Brigada Siete episode. [16] JACOBSHLTR spoke to Raul Ona in March 2022, on which he said he made several GMA promos because Jimmy Duavit and Butch Jimenez are his good friends, however he didn't keep the files he made and he said that Filmex (a company by Duavit) and Optima, might have the files.

The only lost IDs are the regional IDs and the music video, which are yet to be resurfaced.

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Videos[edit | edit source]

Timeline of the discoveries and search.
A mockup made in 2019 combining two discoveries.
Episode 1 of Click featuring the full 30-seconder ID.
A partial footage of the music video.

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