Galactic Patrol Lensman (partially lost anime TV series; 1984-1985)

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Status: Partially Lost

Galactic Patrol Lensman, (GALACTIC PATROL レンズマン) also known as just Lensman, is a Japanese anime television series based on the Lensman novels by E. E. Smith. The 25-episode series aired from October 6th, 1984 to August 8th, 1985 in Japan.

In the 1960's the E.E. Smith's estate, sold publishing to the, Japanese publisher Kodansha. If a Japanese publisher bought the publishing rights to something, under Japanese law they bought the rights to everything. Meaning, they could make TV series or movies of any of it if they chose to, so long as it stayed in Japan. Smith’s family believed they owned the exclusive worldwide media rights to Lensman, but under Japanese copyright law they didn’t entirely; within Japan, Kodansha owned a license as well.

Kodansha evidently adapting Lensman but didn’t start coming together until the late 1970s/early 1980s. When the decision was made to try to make an animated adaptation, it appears no one bothered to pass that information further along, During the time of the Lensman: Power of the Lens animated movie was being produced. A big Hollywood deal was about to be made, along comes a video tape from Kodansha with early animation of the in-production film, which had been sent to the Smith family as a courtesy. Hollywood immediately backed off. The deal collapsed, and Doc Smith’s widow was furious. Being unable to stop Kodansha’s production, Smith’s family let the production finish unmolested. When it finally came, they were not impressed. The movie was “disappointing”, and the changes made to the story in the TV series adaptation killed any interest they might have had in rescuing the production.

Video copies of the movie and TV series started floating around and showing up at US conventions, and word of its existence started to spread. Then someone at Kodansha (probably without the publishing arm’s knowledge) turned around and sold the North American rights for the movie and TV series to Streamline Productions. At this point Doc Smith’s widow put her foot down: with Streamline Productions trying to market a US release of the Lensman anime and copies starting to float around and appearing at conventions. Smith’s family sued Streamline, Kodansha, and everyone else they could in order to re-assert their control. After years of litigation, a settlement was made whereby Streamline was allowed a VHS release of the anime. That license expired in the late 1990s, and Doc Smith’s family flat-out refused to renew or re-issue it. Kodansha’s Japanese license to E.E. Doc Smith’s works also came up for renewal sometime in the early 1990s, and Smith’s Family made sure that media rights were not included. Thus, Kodansha has been unable to release either the film or TV series since then. [1]

Home Releases

Episodes 1-6 are released in Japan on both Laser disc and VHS. Harmony Gold USA dubbed a compilation of TV episodes 1-3 and 5-6, in a heavily edited form, which they released under the title Lensman: Power of the Lens on VHS. The other episodes were never dubbed.


NOTE: None of the translated titles are official, they were all translated with Google Translate so take them with a grain of salt.

As of August 2023, most of the episodes, except for the 24th and 25th episodes, are readily available online to watch. Additionally, a MEGA link folder is provided in the external link below that compiles all available episodes of the series and its subsequent theatrical movie.

Episode Name (JP) Name (ENG) Availability
1 レンズマン誕生 Birth of Lensman Found
2 竜戦士ウォーゼル Dragon Warrior Warzel Found
3 嵐の惑星トレンコ Stormy Planet Torenko Found
4 まぼろしのベムガ Illusion of Vemuga Found
5 伝説のパトロール隊 Legendary Patrol Found
6 クリス戦う時 When Chris Fights Found
7 バスカークがんばる Buskerk, Do Your Best Found
8 ブリタニア号の危機 Britannia Crisis Found
9 グラップラーで戦え!バスカーク Fight with Grappler! Bus Kirk Found
10 壊滅!ボスコーン秘密研究所 Ruin! Boscon Secret Institute Found
11 迷パイロット!?ソル Stray Pilot!? Sol Found
12 リリー救出大作戦 Lily Rescue Operation Found
13 伝説の星キリーランド The Legendary Star Killyland Found
14 キララ姫の涙 Kirara's Tears Found
15 クリスとらわる Catch Chris Found
16 キリーランドよ永遠なれ Killy Land Found
17 秘密指令宇宙海賊作戦! Secret Command Space Pirate Operation! Found
18 驚くべきウルフの謎 Amazing Wolf Mystery Found
19 ベリリウムの謎をさぐれ Explore the Mystery of Beryllium Found
20 ライトビーム砲を叩け Hit the Light Beam Gun Found
21 恐怖のスペースウェーブ Space Wave of Fear Found
22 謎のエメラルド星雲 Mysterious Emerald Nebula Found
23 新レンズマン誕生 Birth of a New Lensman Found
24 トール博士を救え! Save Dr. Thor! Lost
25 対決!ボスコーン大要塞 Showdown! Boscon Fortress Lost


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