Gertie on Tour (partially found footage from unfinished animated short; 1921)

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Still from the surviving footage of the film.

Status: Partially Found

Gertie On Tour was an unfinished sequel to early influential cartoonist Winsor McCay's Gertie The Dinosaur. Gertie proved that a cartoon character could have an identifiable personality, featuring impressive animation that has aged well.[1]


The unfinished animated short would have featured Gertie jumping on the Brooklyn Bride in New York City, attempt to eat the Washington Monument in Washington D.C., wading on the Atlantic City shore, among various amounts of mischief Gertie causes.[2]


Only a small collection of scenes from the sequel have survived. It is not known exactly how much animation was completed for it beyond the scenes that have survived. Early concept art showed Gertie dancing around New York City, bouncing on tall buildings and getting into various other mischiefs.


The surviving fragments of the film.

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