Ghost EP (lost HORSE the Band EP; 2008)

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A picture of the band.

Status: Lost

Ghost EP is a rare 3-track EP by HORSE the Band that was subject to an incredibly limited release, with fewer than 250 copies ever being sold in May 2008 during the Asian leg of HORSE the Band's Earth Tour. The EP was apparently recorded in David Isen's house specifically for the Earth Tour, as it had proven too costly to sell copies of their previous albums through their distributors while on tour.

Allegedly, the band lost all unsold copies while in transit to Turkey, and their digital master copy was lost soon after during an accidental hard drive reformat that occurred a few months later. The EP was reportedly sold for one dollar/yen/pound/etc. depending on where it was being sold in the world, and as this was very cheap in some countries, some people were said to have purchased ten or more discs at a time, meaning that of the few copies that still exist, it's likely that several people have multiple copies of the EP. Most sources cite the track list as "The House of Boo 2: Whatcha Gonna Do", "The Phantom Zone", and "Ghostbusters Theme". It is rumored that each track is roughly 30 seconds long.


A copy has allegedly shown up on eBay in the past in the form of a clear CD in a clear case, with a Lif Records #2 stamp on the back, underneath a stylised "HtB" logo (although this claim has not been verified, and no eBay records can be found regarding the item).

There is little more information available regarding the EP, save for a couple of interviews and forum posts in which various band members make references to it.[1][2][3]