Girlquake! (found action-exploitation film; 1995)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its risquè subject matter.

Girlquake Cover.png

Cover of the director's 25th Anniversary Edition.

Status: Found

Date found: 11 Oct 2021

Found by: Matt of Matt Presents

Girlquake! is a film from New York artist Michael Randall.[1] The movie was a throwback to exploitation films, in particular the works of Russ Meyer.


The film was made independently sometime in the mid-1990s. It was praised by film critic Joe Bob Briggs in a July 1995 review.[2] Its opening scene was later recounted in the book For Women Only: Your Guide to Health Empowerment by Gary Null and Barbra Seaman.[3]


The film opens in an Arizona dinner, where a group of five Amazon women erupt from the center of the Earth. A group of men attempt to rape them but are killed, one by being drowned in a bowl of meat.

The Amazon women must make their way to Coney Island, where their Queen is. In their search for her, the end up meeting Ginger, a stripper called "Queen of Double Ds," Queen Zahara, a performer in a freak show, Chersteen, a drag queen, and a Dominatrix.

Credits from the inside cover

Cast and Crew

  • Michael Randall as director
  • Kat Walker as the leader of the Amazon women
  • Chersteen as the drag queen
  • Etoile Bijou as a sideshow psychic
  • Kim Ryder as a Dominatrix
  • Gillian Boardman "Gerrie"[4]
  • The Great Fredini[5]
  • Mik Cribben as Cinematographer[6]


The film was first discovered by YouTuber Matt Presents in December 2020. In October 2021, Matt got in contact with director Michael Randall and received a copy of the film on DVD. According to Randall, the film played a few independent venues in New York City and Japan but was eventually bought by underhanded distributors who never released the film.[7]