Go and Get It (partially found silent horror film; 1920)

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A preview poster.

Status: Partially found

Go and Get It is a 1920 American silent adventure/horror/comedy film directed by Marshall Neilan and Henry Symonds.[1]

The plot revolves around the violent murders of an ape-man, a gorilla given the brain of a brutal criminal by a mad scientist, and an intrepid newsman who tries to find out the cause of them. [2]

The film garnered many positive reviews, with much acclaim to former boxer Bull Montana's performance as the ape-man. His make-up was considered so "realistic" that he made several women in the studio become "hysterical" and faint. He would later play a similar role in the 1925 film The Lost World.


Despite its praise and popularity, the film was thought to have been lost,[3] until a copy was found in the Cineteca Italiana film archive in Italy.[4] However, this print of the film has still not been publically shared.

The film was also localized and screened in France in 1923, under the title Le Système du Docteur Ox ("Doctor Ox's System"). It was described as a "drama in five parts".

On October 19th, 2022, YouTuber garyp11111 uploaded a short 13-second clip from the film.

The film was also shown at the Cinema Museum, Kennington, London on Friday 27th January. This showing is proof that the Gothique Film Society has a copy of this film. [5]



A small clip from the film.

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