Gogola (lost Bollywood monster movie; 1966)

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Promotional poster for the film.

Status: Lost

Gogola is a Bollywood monster film from 1966 based on another monster film, Gojira. It is suspected to be the only monster movie to come from Bollywood.[1]

The movie presumably starts with a group of teens seeing the titular monster and running to the police, who refuse to believe them. No one listens to them until the monster comes ashore and destroys Mumbay. Nothing can stop it, and it trashes the city before going back to the sea.

Since the army is unable to stop the creature, the government promises a hefty reward to whoever succeeds in destroying it: a scientist who is up to his neck in debt to a slimy financier who is after his daughter, decides to answer the call. In the end, it will be his daughter to kill Gogola with a powerful poison prepared by her father. Once the monster is defeated, peace returns to Mumbay and the scientist's family. [2]

There is little to no information about Gogola online, and there are no known copies of the film. Apparently the production company behind this project (Indra Dhanush Films) only ever produced Gogola, and nothing else. So it is almost safe to say that this movie was not a financial success at the time. [3]

All that has survived is the soundtrack.[4]


  • Azaad Irani
  • Nayam Palli
  • Tabassum
  • Polson
  • Kumari Nazar
  • Rani
  • Bhale Rao


  • Production Company: Indra Dhanush Films
  • Director: Balwant "B" Dave
  • Script: Shambhu Nema
  • Soundtrack: Rai & Frank
  • Special Effects: Balwant "B" Dave


The song "Nacho Nacho Gogola" from the film.

The film's official soundtrack

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