Grand Prix 4 (cancelled Xbox port of Formula One game; 2002)

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Cover art of the Xbox version.

Status: Lost

Grand Prix 4 (also known as Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 and GP4) is a Formula One racing simulation game that was developed by MicroPose UK and published by Infogrames. Originally released on the PC in 2002, it was a simulation of the 2001 Formula One season and was the last game to be released under the Grand Prix series.

An Xbox port of the game was in development around the same time as the PC version, which had it been released, would have made Grand Prix 4 the first in the Grand Prix series to have a console release.[1] However, despite being given a release date of October 2002, and nearing completion, corporate issues led Infogrames to dissolve the MicroPose UK studio. This dissolvement of the company also meant that the Xbox port of the game was cancelled soon afterwards, for "corporate reasons" rather than due to a lack of quality.[2]

Because of the cancellation, the Xbox port of Grand Prix 4 remains inaccessible to the public, despite its near-completion, with no footage nor means of obtaining the version resurfacing online.