Grand Theft Auto (cancelled Sega Saturn port of action-adventure game; 1997)

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Grandtheftauto segapower.jpg

Grand Theft Auto as it was featured in Sega Power magazine.

Status: Lost

Grand Theft Auto Sega Saturn was a planned port of the first Grand Theft Auto game onto the Sega Saturn. Due to the series gaining popularity, the series publisher Rockstar Games wanted to port the game to all of the various consoles that were on the market at the time. Despite Grand Theft Auto having been planned to have a Sega Saturn port with an announcement in Sega Power magazine, the sales for the Sega Saturn were poor. This caused Rockstar Games to cancel the port of Grand Theft Auto to the Sega Saturn.

No prototypes/betas of the Sega Saturn version has been leaked to the public and very little other information is known about the port.


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