Groupie (partially found Marilyn Manson short film; 1996-1998)

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VHS cover of Dead to the World (in which a short clip of Groupie is shown).

Status: Partially Found

Groupie was a short film by Marilyn Manson (in his first film-making effort) that was shot in one night between 1996 and 1998. The short was recorded at an actual house party that Manson was hosting and involved a stooge actress portraying a young groupie being made to do more and more perverse and disturbing things in front of Manson's unknowing guests (who were only told that a woman would be arriving and that he would be filming her).


The film begins with Manson sucking bandmate Jeordie 'Twiggy' White's flaccid penis through a condom at the house party before the groupie shortly after that arrives at the door (brandishing a piece of artwork as a gift); she is then invited inside, where things become progressively more disturbing. She is pressured into drinking Stephen 'Madonna Wayne Gacy' Bier's urine from a wine glass (Bier also being a member of Manson's band), which she eventually does, but only after convincing Manson to also partake. The contents of the remainder of the short have not been made entirely clear, although it has been revealed that the groupie is at one point tied up, a gun is introduced into the situation by Manson, a fight breaks out, and blood is shed.


Many of the party's guests are said to have come away from the experience very shaken up, not knowing whether or not what had happened was legitimate or staged (though it has been suggested that the film consists of both legitimate and staged events and that the actress portraying the groupie, while somewhat in the know, may not have been given all of the details of the event prior to its occurrence).

Only three people are confirmed as having seen the short; Manson himself, Andy Dick (comedian friend of Manson's), and Manson's former manager, Tony Ciulla, the former two of whom discussed the short on a 2002 episode of Dinner for Five and the latter of whom, after viewing the film, implored Manson to hide the masters, believing that if it were to be released, Manson would likely go to jail and/or end his career.


Manson obliged Ciulla for the most part, only releasing a very small portion of the film, seen at the end of his 1998 live video album Dead to the World. The segment showed a tied up, distressed woman (with her face either obscured or out of frame) screaming and being tormented by Manson, before reciting the phrase "Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so." at his forceful command.

Besides these few fragments of footage, a tight seal has been kept on Groupie, but it has been strongly hinted by Manson that it will be released on October 20th, 2016 as part of the Antichrist Superstar 20th anniversary box set.[1] However, despite the date passing, the box set has yet to be released, and the fate of the short is still unknown.

Notably, the short was mentioned in the press kit for Manson's unfinished film Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll where it was cited as an "Unreleased short film (banned)", as part of his filmography.[2]

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