Hands Up (lost adventure film serial; 1918)

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Hands Up poster.jpg

Poster for the serial.

Status: Lost

Hands Up is a lost 1918 serial featuring Ruth Roland as the lead actress.[1][2]


When Echo Delane, a famous journalist, is kidnapped by a group of Native South Americans who believe her to be their lost princess, her fiance - a detective known by the moniker "Hands Up" - follows her to South America to get her back. To rescue Echo from her captors, "Hands Up" must run the gamut of a series of perils thrown in his way by the tribe's high priest, a man who makes Hands Up's life a misery, by first arranging Echo's abduction and then bedevils him as he searches for the girl. In the process, Hands Up somehow manages to change his facial features to those of a very different man, but in the end, he defeats the evil high priest and safely rescues Echo Delane.[3][4]


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