Hardcore Pawn (unreleased "Chris Bores" episode of reality show; existence unconfirmed; 2015)

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Chris Bores standing with Les Gold.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Hardcore Pawn is an American reality TV show following the lives of a family of pawn shop owners in Detroit, Michigan. The shop is owned by Les Gold and co-owned by his two kids Seth and Ashley. The series showcases objects that are brought in to be pawned or sold, and also focuses on the customers that come into the store.

The show ran for nine seasons from 2010-2015 on TruTV and was cancelled when the network chose to take the channel in a different direction. [1][2]

However, there were supposedly plans for a tenth season, and one episode was planned to feature Chris Bores (better known as the Irate Gamer). Showcasing his ghost hunting abilities, dealing with a haunting in the shop.

Chris brought up that he was appearing on a reality show in November 2014, and four months later (March 2015) revealed in a now deleted video it would be Hardcore Pawn. A recap of the deleted video can be found here. However, the episode would never air as the show's final episode aired April 2015. Despite this, Chris was adamant he appeared on the show, bringing it up on his site and in his book "Ghost Hunting 2.0" (both featuring a picture of him with Les Gold).

The episode's existence is questionable as Bores has a known history of stretching the truth. Chris does bring up the appearance in the comments of this page.

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