Heavy Traffic (lost Jimi Hendrix scenes from animated film; existence unconfirmed; 1973)

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The poster for Heavy Traffic.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Heavy Traffic is an animated drama movie released in 1973 by Ralph Bakshi. It is regarded as one of his best films. The movie would have originally featured a characterization of the famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix. His role and presence in the film is mostly unknown outside of him appearing in part of a bar scene. When it was presented to his family for permission to use his likeness in the film, they didn't approve of his likeliness being utilized in the film, possibly because of the excessive amounts of nudity and violence in the film.[1] However, Jimi Hendrix later made a screen appearance in American Pop.

Not much was known of Hendrix's presence, but later in the late 90's a few "cels" of Jimi were put up for auction in a private sale during a record meeting in New York City. It sold for $800.

However, it is unknown if this cel really is from Heavy Traffic. The only evidence of its story is from the description of the eBay listing. No other evidence exists.



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