Heil Honey I'm Home! (partially found episodes of sitcom TV series; 1990)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Heil Honey I'm Home! was a 1990 British sitcom written by Geoff Atkinson and directed by Juliet May. The show is notable for its negative reception by both critics and the audience and is often considered to be one of the worst television shows ever made.


It featured Adolf Hitler (played by Neil McCaul) and Eva Braun (DeNica Fairman) in a nice quiet neighborhood. The show's main gimmick is that the Hitlers live as a stereotypical 1950s sitcom couple, and they have to deal with living next to the Goldensteins, a pair of obnoxious Jewish neighbors.

The show's opening caption card states that in-universe, the sitcom was actually a lost, abandoned sitcom that was originally made by Brandon Thalburg Jr.

Reception and Cancellation

The sitcom enraged audiences due to its offensive nature, despite aiming to be a parody of stereotypical sitcoms according to the creators.[1] Even in this context, however, the show was criticized for exceeding the limitations of irony and simply being unfunny.

Due to the overwhelmingly negative reception, the show was quickly cancelled after it September 30 airing and was never aired again.

Unaired Episodes

Other episodes outside of the pilot were planned, although there is a lot of conflicting information on how many there would have been, with sources saying anything between 11 and 16[2] episodes. Only eight episodes were ever apparently filmed, however.


While the pilot itself is widely available online, the remaining episodes have not been released in full. However, Gareth Marks, who played Arny Goldenstein, has an acting reel that features clips from unknown unaired episodes.

Additionally, YouTuber Paul Carmichael claimed that he owns second-generation copies of the eight master tapes of the finished episodes. To prove it, he uploaded an unused animated opening sequence as well as VT countdown clocks for the unaired episodes, which also featured episode titles. It is unknown if he will ever upload the episodes themselves, however, as he is apparently waiting for permission from those involved with the show to release them.


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Pilot September 30, 1990 Found
2 Hitler Moves In Unaired Lost
3 Eva's New Shelves Unaired Lost
4 Ziggy Comes to Stay Unaired Lost
5 The Mom Who Came to Dinner Unaired Lost
6 Adolf's Close Shave Unaired Lost
7 Hitler in the Closet Unaired Lost
8 Without Prejudice Unaired Lost


Heil Honey, I'm Home opening titles, supposedly from Paul Carmichael's collection.
Clips from Gareth Marks' acting reel of the remaining episodes. (~1:46)
VT countdown clocks for the episodes.


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