Hell's Satans (partially lost Fusion Network reality show; 2017)

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Hellssatans titlecard.png

Title card used by Fusion Network and Tubi TV.

Status: Partially Lost

Hell's Satans is a reality television show based on a moped gang of the same name. All eight episodes aired from July 24th, to August 14th, 2017[1][2] but Episode 6 "Freaky Fun" has since been lost. The series is currently available on Tubi TV with mismatched episode descriptions and episode 6 omitted.

The series stars a rambunctious group of moped enthusiasts in Richmond, Virginia and follows their wild moped gang adventures and free lifestyle.

Lost Episode

Episode 6 "Freaky Fun" aired on September 18th, 2017, off-schedule according to TV Guide, with a description of "After a bad breakup, Affia is feeling down. The gang decide to throw a Halloween party to cheer her up, but Rachel interferes with their plan."[3]

The episode involved a fight between two cast members, but was subsequently excluded from all rerun and on-demand broadcasts.[4] The current reasoning is unknown.

Episode Table

Note: Episode Names in the following table are aligned with Tubi TV's naming. Naming throughout sources is inconsistent.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Back To School July 24th, 2017 Found
2 Judging Brooke by her Cover July 24th, 2017 Found
3 Funemployed July 31st, 2017 Found
4 A Pool for Love July 31st, 2017 Found
5 Wild at Heart August 7th, 2017 Found
6 Freaky Fun September 18th, 2017 Lost
7 Frozen August 14th, 2017 Found
8 Gone Girl August 14th, 2017 Found

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