Hell Tycoon (lost build of cancelled PC strategy game; 2006)

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Status: Lost

Hell Tycoon was going to be a PC strategy game developed by Anarchy Enterprises. Players would have been tasked with managing Hell.[1] There is very little to go on about the game besides the website and the developer's history. Anarchy Enterprises prior to the cancellation of Hell Tycoon had made numerous games, most of them being in the same strategy/management genre, and each of them of varying quality. The two most important relative to Hell Tycoon are Moon Tycoon (2001) and Deep Sea Tycoon (2003).

It is likely that Hell Tycoon was going to be a Hell Themed reskin of Deep Sea Tycoon, or at least would use the same engine, as the one screenshot on the Hell Tycoon website looks consistent with the quality of modeling seen in Deep Sea Tycoon and Moon Tycoon.


The reasons behind its cancellation are currently unknown, given the nature of the game it is possible that the subject matter was seen as too touchy. However, the release and subsequent failure of Deep Sea Tycoon 2 in the same year (which when googled will say that it was released by Pixel After Pixel, the parent company of Anarchy Enterprises which isn't mentioned anywhere on their website or in their games),[2] seems to imply that development resources were diverted from Hell Tycoon in an attempt to save Deep Sea Tycoon 2.