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The rules, guidelines, and tips page outlines how to do basic references. This is useful if you only plan on citing each source once, but references can also be given a name so that you can call back to each of them multiple times throughout the page.

To do this, first you need to include a reference with all the standard information as well as the name. Here is an example:

<ref name="BB">[ Beatles Bible page on the date] Retrieved 27 Mar '18</ref>

In this case, "BB" is the name, referring to the website title. However, you can use anything here, such as the chronological number of the reference (e.g. "R1"). When working with many references it's easy to mix them up, so use whatever names help you keep track of them the best.

Once this reference is included in the page, you can now cite the same source elsewhere in the article with the following abbreviated code:

<ref name="BB"/>

Note that the first piece of code does not necessarily have to come chronologically before the second piece of code within the page - as long as they are both there, it will work. Afterward, simply add the reference list at the end of the page like normal.