Hippie Hippie Shake (partially found unreleased English indie drama film; 2008)

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Frame of the film.

Status: Partially Found

Hippie Hippie Shake is an unreleased English drama film directed by Beeban Kidron and written by Lee Hall and William Nicholson, produced by the company Working Title Films and was supposed to be distributed by Universal Pictures.[1] It was based on Richard Neville's memoir about the launch of the London edition of the Australian satirical magazine Oz during the counterculture of the 1960s.

Working Title, a British film production company, started the development of Hippie Hippie Shake in 1998.[2] However, the production faced delays due to changes in directors and screenwriters. Finally, in September 2007, principal photography for the film began.[3] However, in 2011, Working Title announced that the movie would not be released in cinemas.[4]


Hippie Hippie Shake follows an English trial in which Richard Neville, the editor of the Australian satirical magazine Oz, and his colleagues are apprehended with obscenity for a sexually explicit issue.

The film serves as a metaphorical journey through the 1960s in London.[5]


Principal photography started after William Nicholson's involvement with the script. Richard Neville acknowledged the film's lengthy development history but deemed it appropriate for modern times and said, "Given that the world is at war, it couldn't be better timing to highlight the crazy, fun, and political times of the 1960s... I think the timing is pretty terrific. Enough time has gone by to perhaps look at that era in a new perspective and help us reflect on what's going on today."[6]

The Hampstead district in London and South Hill Park served as locations for parts of the movie.[7] South Hill Park was home to Anthony Minghella, the film's director, and Max Minghella's father, until his death. All Saint's Road was used as a substitute for King's Road.


The film had a public screening for test audiences in 2008 and received mostly positive reviews[8]. But in 2011, Working Title said that the film wouldn't be released for the sake of acquiring a tax write-off for the executives.[9] Beeban Kidron left post-production in July 2009 due to creative differences with her husband, screenwriter Lee Hall, who had already left the production. According to The Times, Kidron said, "I worked on the film for as long as I could and as hard as I could, and then I had to walk away. It was very wounding." A 100-print release was scheduled for February 2010 but never happened.[10]

Cast and Characters

  • Cillian Murphy as Richard Neville
  • Sienna Miller as Louise Ferrier, Neville's girlfriend who posed nude on the December 1968 cover of Oz with Jenny Kee
  • Nina Liu as Jenny Kee, who posed nude with Louise Ferrier in the Oz cover
  • Emma Booth as Germaine Greer
  • Max Minghella as Martin Sharp[11]



Hippie Hippie Shake 2010 film trailer.



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