Hourglass (lost Soviet melodrama film; 1984)

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Theatrical poster.

Status: Lost

Hourglass (Russian: Песочные часы) is a 1984 Soviet melodrama film directed by Sergei Vronsky and produced by Mosfilm Studio. It starred Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Nikolai Skorobogatov and Galina Polskikh. The film was a first directorial work of cinematographer Sergei Vronsky.


At the resort, chance brings together Grebentsov and Panshin, former fellow soldiers. Grebentsov had once vacationed in these places, and then he had an affair with a beautiful local girl, Nadya. And now she appears again in Grebentsov's life. The past enters the present and may change tomorrow.


  • Anatoliy Kuznetsov as Grebentsov
  • Nikolai Skorobogatov as Panshin
  • Galina Polskikh as Nadya
  • Lyudmila Karaush as Lyudmila
  • Lyudmila Nilskaya as Inga
  • Igor Sklyar as Sergey
  • Vadim Terentyev as Bauer
  • Maya Blinova as Bauer's wife
  • German Kachin as Driver
  • Vladimir Artyomov as Yura Atlanov
  • Nina Maslova as Galya
  • Aleksandra Sorokoumova as Veronika
  • Anatoliy Skoryakin as Andrey

In one of the episodes, together with actor Anatoliy Kuznetsov starred his wife and ten-year-old daughter[1].


  • Director: Sergei Vronsky
  • Writers: Semyon Frejlikh, Sergei Vronsky
  • Music: Vladimir Belousov, Stas Namin
  • Cinematography: Fyodor Dobronravov, Viktor Shestopyorov
  • Production Design: Nikolay Markin


The filming was took place in Kislovodsk, Stavropol Krai[1].


The film was theatrically released on July 9th, 1984[2]. In its first year of release, it was watched by 5.7 million people[3].


After the completion of it theatrical run the film was never officially released on home video. There were several TV screenings of the film throughout the late 80s-early 90s but no tape recordings have surfaced online, though scans of TV schedules have been uploaded.

The film copies are still stored in Gosfilmofond and Mosfilm Studio.




Scans of TV Schedules

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