Idaten Jump (partially found English dubs of anime series; mid-2000s)

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A screenshot from Hasbro's website proving that at least some episodes were once available online.

Status: Partially Found

Idaten Jump is an anime that was broadcast in Japan from October 1, 2005, to September 9, 2006. It lasted 52 episodes in its Japanese run.

Animax Asia Dub

An uncut English dub of the anime aired on Animax Asia. The same dub later aired on Nick India.

U.S. Dub

Only 26 episodes were dubbed into English in the U.S. These episodes were released by Hasbro and aired on Cartoon Network in America and YTV in Canada, in hopes of creating a new popular toy line and anime franchise (unfortunately, the marketing failed as Cartoon Network pushed the show to a 5 am time slot). Both networks completed the full 26-episode run. However, no DVDs were ever released of the show in English. And due to the show's low popularity in North America, there are only three recordings of the show in English.


Only two episodes and a fragment of the English dub has appeared online, though there is photographic evidence that some episodes were available on the Hasbro site, despite the show's failure in late 2009.


Episode 1 of Idaten Jump.
Episode 13 of Idaten Jump
Fragment from an episode.
A promo for the English dub that aired on Animax Asia.
Another fragment of the English dub.

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