If It's A Rose (lost TV movie; 1958)

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Rehersal scene of If It's A Rose (1958).png

A rehearsal scene taken from the March 26, 1958 issue of ABC Weekly with Don Pascoe as Mario and Annette Andre as Anna (her first acting role), the only known photo of this film to exist

Status: Lost

If It's a Rose is a lost TV drama that was released on March 26, 1958.[1] It is known for being the first acting roll of Annette Andre.


According to the TV Listings, the plot is an Italian romantic comedy about a young girls one day courtship.

Broadcast history

The movie was live, meaning the actors did some improv in their performances from the script. It premiered on March 26, 1958 at 8:30 pm on ABN on a Wendsday night and was performed live in Sydney, Austraila. It was re-aired on April 15, 1958 on ABV (Channel 2).[1][2][3]


  • Annette Andre as Anna
  • Don Pascoe as Mario, the suitor
  • Ethel Lang as a maid


It is not available online nor on the Internet Archive, thus it is considered lost media, and newspaper TV listings are the only pieces of proof that this special ever existed.

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