Indycar (Unreleased Motorsport Games Indycar Game, 2023)

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The game's release date announcement Featuring two-time Indycar champion Alex Palou

Status: Lost


Indycar is America's leading open-wheel motorsport championship and governing body of the Indianapolis 500. Despite the sport's national and international success, they have yet to have a successful video game to call their own, with appearances in iRacing and Forza Motorsport 7 being the most notable of their few video game appearances.

As for the developer, Motorsport Games were a fledgling company with their biggest successes being rFactor2 and the NASCAR Heat games. While their games sold well, numerous reviews proclaim that their games are launched in nearly unplayable states.


In 2021, Penske Entertainment (A branch of Indycar's parent company) announced that they would be developing a video game based on the 2021 Indycar season with developer Motorsport Games. Initial reactions to the game were mostly negative, given the fact that a 2023 release date was given even though the game would only feature the 2021 Indycar roster. In early 2023, reports began to emerge about the legitimacy of Motorsport Games as a company as well as reports of developer crunch. Motorsport Games denied all of the accusations against them and released a first look trailer of the game that included a new release date of 2024. However, Penske Entertainment would terminate their deal with Motorsport Games for failing to deliver the game in late 2023, effectively killing the game on the spot.

On June 6th, 2024, Motorsport Games surrendered all assets of the game to Indycar themselves and were given the option to pick a new developer that could resume work on the game.

Possible Demo

Sometime in 2022, u/pdas1996 reported to the r/INDYCAR subreddit that there was a demo of the game at a fan event that promoted the 2022 Indianapolis 500. However, many commenters said that this was just a reskin of rFactor2, another one of Motorsport Games many games.


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