Injustice: Gods Among Us (lost "Clueless Gamer" build of superhero fighting game; 2013)

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The thumbnail for the YouTube upload of Injustice's Clueless Gamer episode.

Status: Lost

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a 2013 fighter game based on DC Comics. To help promote the game and the addition of General Zod as DLC the appeared on Clueless Gamer section the late-night talk show Conan. This segment had an exclusive build of the game that featured Conan's own superhero, the Flaming C, which has never been released to the public.


Conan was a late-night talk show hosted by comedian Conan O'Brian that aired on TBS from 2010-2021. The show occasionally featured various prerecorded segments, one of these recurring segments was Clueless Gamer, a segment where Conan would try out new video game releases while having little skill or interest in gaming. On the June 12, 2013 edition of the segment, the featured game was Injustice: Gods Among Us with the game being modified specially for the show to include one of its recurring gags, the Flaming C, as a skin for Superman.[1] The Flaming C was a superhero created by Conan and co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series, Bruce Timm, based on Conan's likeness and jokingly referred to as DC's next superhero. While most Flaming C media can be readily enjoyed in full the Injustice build featuring the character has never been publicly available.


When asked if NetherRealm Studios (Injustice's development studio) would still have a copy of the build on Twitter, the head of the studio, Ed Boon stated "Almost forgot about that! I’m sure it exists somewhere."[2] Despite this, neither NetherRealm Studios nor Team Coco seem to have any interest in releasing this build of the game.


The Clueless Gamer episode featuring the build.

A RebelTaxi where they talk about the subject.