Invader Zim (lost unmade episodes of Nickelodeon show; 2001-2002)

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Invader Zim title card.png

Title card.

Status: Lost

Invader Zim first aired in 2001 on Nickelodeon, and was cancelled in mid-2002 due to various reasons, such as the show's big budget, lack of audience, as well as controversy due to the intense themes as well as violence and gore. After its cancellation, it grew to have a cult following, leading to a thriving fandom, as well as three events called InvaderCon and even a revival movie called Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, set for release in 2019.

It was revealed after cancellation that sixteen episodes remained unmade due to the show's premature cancellation. Some had scripts, audio, and even concept art, while others never got past conception. All of these episodes have been deemed lost, however some episode's scripts, audio, etc. have been released.

Unmade Episode List

Production # Episode Title Last Known Version Written Script Audio
27A Roboparents Gone Wild Nov. 27, 2001 Yes Yes
27B Simon Sez Doom Nov. 27, 2001 Yes Yes
28A Invader Poonchy Dec. 13, 2001 Yes Yes
28B Nubs of Doom Dec. 13, 2001 Yes Yes
30A Ten Minutes to Doom Jan. 3, 2002 Yes Yes
30B GIR's Big Day --- --- ---
31A Return of Keef Jan. 2, 2002 Yes Yes
31B Day of Da Spookies! Jan. 8, 2002 Yes ---
32A Mopiness of Doom Jan. 2, 2002 Yes Yes
32B Those! --- --- ---
33 Top of the Line --- --- ---
34 The Trial Sep. 4, 2001 Yes ---
35A It Feeds on Noodles --- --- ---
35B When Pants Ruled! Jul. 17, 2001 Has a premise ---
36 Squishy: Hugger of Worlds --- --- ---
39 Invader Dib --- --- ---