It's Anybody's Guess (partially found television game show; 1977)

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Game show host Monty Hall with a contestant of the show.

Status: Partially Found

It's Anybody's Guess is a television game show that aired on NBC from July 13th, 1977 to September of the same year.[1] The show was hosted by Monty Hall of Let's Make a Deal fame, who originally only wanted to produce the show after announcing his departure from game show hosting, but was forced to host it as well due to NBC's decision not to buy the show unless he did so.[2] Monty Hall accepted the offer because he enjoyed the premise of the show since the viewers at home would know that everything about the show was genuine and unscripted, since no celebrities were involved and contestants were selected at random from the live studio audience.[3] After Monty Hall accepted NBC's offer to buy the show, it replaced Name That Tune for the noon spot on NBC's schedule.[4] The show had a short broadcasting life, as it was taken off the air in September the same year.

Plot Synopsis

In the game show, Monty Hall would have two contestants that were selected at random from the live studio audience in the first game. From there, whoever lost at the end of the episode would be eliminated with the winner going on to continue in the next episode, facing off against a new competitor from the audience, similar to that of the style in Jeopardy!. On top of that, another five contestants would be selected from the audience in each episode (with some exceptions of previous members staying), and would go on the opposite side of the stage, facing the competitors.

In the game, Monty Hall would ask a question with a specific answer being generated on the table in front of the five guests out of their sight. The goal was for the two contestants to guess as to whether or not one of the guests would say that specific answer, winning a point if they were correct. If one of the guests got the correct answer, regardless of whether or not the contestants bet against them, they would win a prize such as a dishwasher, trip, and others.

After a few rounds, the person with the highest points would be pulled aside in a similar fashion to Family Feud, where a specific question would be asked to the guests. If the guests guessed one of two options given to the contestant, they would be eliminated from the bonus round. However, after the first round of answers, the contestant would have an option to eliminate one of two options given to them, winning a cash bonus if their remaining card was guessed, and a car if they went through without it being guessed.[5]


While only what may be the final episode and a promo for the show have surfaced online, the UCLA Film and Television Archives hold both the second episode as well as the September 1st airing.[6] At least another two episodes are known to be in the hands of private collectors.


The only episode of the series available online.
The NBC promo of the show.