Jacob's Ladder (partially found deleted scenes of horror film; 1990)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter/visuals.


Poster of the movie.

Status: Partially Found

Jacob's Ladder was a thriller/horror movie made in 1990 about a Vietnam War veteran who has bizarre flashbacks and hallucinations. It is known for its extremely disturbing imagery. In fact, test audiences found the original cut of the movie to be too overwhelming and disturbing. In response to this negative feedback, around 20 minutes of footage was removed from the final movie. Three of the cut scenes were included in the DVD release; however, eight others still remain lost. Many bits and pieces of these scenes can be seen in the original trailers of the movie.

Deleted Scenes

  • While in the subway bathroom, Jacob comes across a man raping another man.
  • Jacob, during one of his delivery routines, is seen eating a sandwich and reading a novel. He then sees one of the delivery bags begin to move. In the original script, it states that there may have also have been a scene where a homeless man was sleeping in said bag and Jacob takes him outside and gives him money.[1]
  • A mute Jacob tries to scream.
  • A sex scene between Jacob and Jezzie. During this, Jacob explains how he has demons (Jacob's confession can be seen in one of the trailers).
  • An extended scene of a reptilian Jezzie dancing (a snippet of it can be seen in one of the trailers, but it is unknown how long the full cut was).
  • A scene showing one of the Hell Hospital's patients
  • Jacob burns down the army headquarters with a torch (in Bravo's 100 scariest movie moments, a picture of Jacob holding the torch is seen).
  • While looking for Michael, Jacob finds his disembodied head inside of a cabinet.


The original trailer, showing two of the cut scenes.

The still of Jacob holding the torch from Bravo.

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