Jamster Allstars (cancelled PS2/PC game; 2007)

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PS2 cover.

Status: Lost

Jamster Allstars was an action-adventure PS2/PC game planned for release in 2007, but was eventually cancelled. The game starred popular characters from the Jamster mobile service, who were well known for selling mobile ringtones, with Crazy Frog being their most famous. According to various gaming websites, the story of the game was that the Jamster Allstars had to "make their way through a series of challenges to discover who has stolen all the musical notes so that they can continue to make ringtones". Aside from that, the only other available information are some screenshots, one of which shows that the player may have been able to switch between characters in-game on at least one stage. They also show off various levels such as a town, a castle, and what was likely the inside of a computer.


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