Jeff, o Panda (lost cancelled pilot episode of Brazilian animated series; 2016-2018)

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Jeff 01.jpeg

Artwork from Jeff, o Panda.

Status: Lost

Jeff, o Panda was a cancelled spin-off of the Brazilian web-series Animatoons, created by Felipe Castanhari, originally going to airing on Netflix, and canceled for Castanhari other show, Mystery Lab.

Production Information[edit | edit source]

Felipe said that the whole pilot has an animatic, but only one minute was animated, all by Birdo Studios. The script team was composed by Daniel Nascimento (lead writer), Ygor Fremo, Pirula, Israel Motta, Rob Gordon and Felipe himself. The voice actor for Jeff, was Wendel Bezera, one of the most famous voice actors in Brazil, and also the owner of UniDub, the studio used for the pilot. The full episode have Portuguese voices, but one minute was also dubbed in English.

Castanhari shared a image of the pilot, in his Twitter banner (late 2018).[1] And Ygor Fremo shared a photo of a writing reunion at an Outback Steakhouse, in his Twitter.[2]

Known Plot[edit | edit source]

In a world of anthropomorphic animals, Jeff is a panda, that is extremely intelligent, but also an extreme asshole. In a day, on a supermarket, all the lines are full, so Jeff saw the preferential line with a pregnant rabbit, so Jeff gets angry and says "Why she has preference only because she had sex?," and in her front, is a raccoon without an arm/leg (not specified), and Jeff says "In the deficiency rank, the raccoon won". After this, the panda has an idea to create an app called "Decify," that you call deficient people to be in the line for you. In the beginning the app was a success, he even made a TV commercial, but after, he gets into trouble, after people start manifesting against it.

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