Jenn (partially found controversial videos from Canadian YouTuber; 2012-2021)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW and NSFL due to its discussion of sexually disturbing and criminal topics, such as incest, rape and pedophilia.

Screencap of Jenn from her pedophilia advocacy video.

Status: Partially Found

Jenn (full name Jenn Ketcheson) was a Canadian YouTuber who rose to infamy due to her disturbing and highly controversial video advocating for pedophilia. Over the span of her time on YouTube she made vlogs on self-improvement, guilt-admission, vlogs, and channel updates.


Jenn began uploading videos to her YouTube Channel titled "Jenn" in 2012 uploading vlogs, guilt-admission videos, and self-improvement videos.

Out of her most egregious videos, one of her earliest videos has her admitting to having her pet rabbits put down because she didn't think they'd have as good of a life after she got rid of them to put herself first instead of them.

Another one of her videos had her advocating for incest as long as it is between two consenting adults.

Another had her say rape isn't as a big deal as it is made out to be.

And her most infamous video is her advocating for pedophilia saying, "Children are just as sexually curious as adults."


In early 2017, YouTuber Blaire White uploaded a video titled "Pedophile YouTubers Exposed" where Blaire calls her out, the video later garnered around 915,000 views, this causing an influx of attention and hate flooding towards Jenn's channel.[1]

Also in early 2017, YouTuber Repzion uploaded a video titled "Jenn Fails To Understand Predatory Behavior - Live Response #4" in which Repzion responds to Jenn, the video later garnering over 161,000 views.[2]

In mid-2017, YouTuber Ready To Glare uploaded a video titled, "Re: "Is incest a bad thing?" By Jenn" responding to Jenn's incest video, that video later garnered over 99,000 views.[3]


Later on, Jenn's pedophilia video got taken down, and she would later delete all of her videos and her other social media accounts, such as YouTube, leaving only her Tumblr remaining. Five videos were recovered in their entirety via Lost Media Wiki user GrigioGuy, but these were later taken down following a copyright claim by Jenn herself.


YouTuber "Blaire White" video featuring Blaire White discussing Jenn and other similar YouTubers.

YouTuber "READY TO GLARE" responding to Jenn's "Is Incest A Bad Thing?"

YouTuber/Livestreamer "Repzion" responding to Jenn's "Let's Talk About Pedophilia," and "Is Sex Bad For Kids?"