Jesudas (partially found Röyksopp album; 1999)

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Status: Partially Found

Jesudas is an album by Röyksopp that was released privately to friends in 1999.


Röyksopp is an electronic duo that formed in 1998, consisting of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland. Their first single was "So Easy", released the following year. They also contributed tracks to various compilation albums, such as "Your Hands" to Arctic Circles 2 in 1999 and "Wooden Leg" to Le Big Sloppy Kiss in 2000. In 2001, the duo released its first public album, Melody A.M.

Jesudas predates Melody A.M. by two years; it originally contained nine tracks and was handed out privately to friends and fellow musicians. After being strongly praised, a 13 track CD version was released of which only six copies were produced. With the exception of "Stronghold", none of its tracks are available or known. This track was planned to be included on Melody A.M., but left out due to space restrictions.[1]


Only one track from the album is known to be available, titled "Stronghold". It was released on Röyksopp's SoundCloud in 2011 as part of the monthly Track Of The Month series. However, the second half of this track was reworked due to the original having a "semi-unfinished" feel, so the original version still remains unreleased. It is unclear if any other tracks released or performed live prior to Melody A.M. (such as "Fusion's Allright" and "Flax") were part of this album too, although Jesudas does not include any tracks that were actually included on said album.

In November 2014, when asked by user "IgyekSam" on an AMA on Reddit, Röyksopp stated that a re-release of Jesudas and other rare tracks from the same period is "certainly not impossible".[2] During 2019 to 2020, the duo released several rare and unreleased tracks as part of the Lost Tapes series,[3] although this did not include any material from Jesudas nor any other tracks created prior to 2003.

In April 2022, when asked by user "Exoptable" during Röyksopp's "Continuous Visual Experience" livestream for part 1 of their triple-album project Profound Mysteries about whether there is a chance for Jesudas ever seeing a proper release, Röyksopp stated that they hope to release some of Jesudas' tracks on their Lost Tapes series but advise that some of its tracks include samples which are causing them difficulties.[4]

On June 3rd, 2024, Exoptable released the unreworked version of "Stronghold" from Jesusdas onto their YouTube channel.

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