Jukebox the Ghost (found Power Pop band songs; 2003-2005)

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Jukebox the Ghost.JPG

The group left to right (Tommy Seigal, Ben Thronewill, and Jesse Kristin.)

Status: Found

Date found: 30 Sep 2016

Found by: AstroTheStickman

Jukebox the Ghost is a power-pop band based in the Washington D.C metro area and consists of members Ben Thornewill (piano & vocals), Jesse Kristin (drums), and Tommy Siegel (guitar & vocals).[1][2] The band formed in 2003 under the name "The Sunday Mail"[3] and played many shows and even recorded some material. While most of the band's early work can not be found, some of their early material has popped up on the internet in one way or another.

Thanks to Reddit user "AstroTheStickman" most of the Jukebox the Ghost's early work has been found due to AstroTheStickman ripping the contents from the now-defunct The Sunday Mail Grooveshark page

Found Songs


  • "His Good Side."
  • "Come On, Thinkers!"
  • "Horribly Forgotten."
  • "Restlessly."
  • "I Picked You Up."
  • "Stagger In Her Step."
  • "Love Is Just A Game."
  • "Faint Of Heart + Conditioned."
  • "Waterslide."
  • "To Be A Man."
  • "Gravity And Its Effect On An Ordinary Human."
  • "Big Pimpin' (Sort Of)"
  • "No One Knows."
  • "Intrepid Traveler."
  • "Cellar Door."
  • "The Forecast Song."

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