Jungle Jam (partially found production material for cancelled video series; 2000s)

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The Jungle Jam logo.

Status: Partially Found

Jungle Jam (also known by the title Jungle Jam and Friends: The Radio Show!) is a comedic radio show made for children that includes Christian themes created by Jeff Parker under his studio Fancy Monkey Studios. Created in 1993 and since being aired on multiple radio stations, the show centers on stories mainly set in the jungle that ranged from ten to forty-five minutes starring the Jungle Jam gang (though some follow a boy named Marvy Snuffleson and his sister Katie) on RazzleFlabben Island that teach a lesson from the Bible or about Christian life.

Big Idea (most known for creating the hit Christian video series VeggieTales) had bought the rights to the series, presumably sometime in the 2000s, with plans to make an animated series that would be released through home video. Many of the people who worked on Jungle Jam also helped create the series 3-2-1 Penguins! for Big Idea, which lasted on home video for six episodes with two seasons on television later on. The series, however, fell through as Big Idea was too busy with other projects that were going on at the same time.


Not much is publicity known about what the planned animated series would have been like or how far it got into production. The only concept art that has currently been found is a early development piece by Jody Nilsen, an artist from Big Idea at the time, which shows a bear character that would have been in the series.

It is unknown if any other details or production material about the series will be released.


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