Karne Ka Lang Sa Hazing (found Filipino anti-hazing PSA; 1995)

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Karne Ka Lang Sa Hazing.png

Screenshot fo the PSA.

Status: Found

Date found: 08 Jul 2024

Found by: UndustFixation

Karne Ka Lang Sa Hazing (roughly You Are Just a Slab of Meat to Hazing) is an anti-hazing PSA first aired in 1995 and it was made by Basic Advertising. The said PSA was said to be scary and unsettling according to eyewitnesses who saw it.


The PSA, in 15 seconds long, begins with a shot of dimly-lit room and the table. An unseen person tosses a slab of meat into the table and then repeatedly hits it with a paddle. A sound of someone yelling is played every time the meat is struck. Blood spurts from the meat and then splashes onto the wall. It concludes with the taglines "Karne ka lang sa hazing (transl. 'You're Just A Meat')" and "Ban Hazing!"[1][2][3]


Eyewitnesses said that it was aired on GMA Network during Saksi and GMA Network News and rarely on ABS-CBN's TV Patrol.[4] The PSA also bears a similar resemblance to another PSA, this time about child trafficking PSA according to eyewitnesses.[5] YouTube user UndustFixation found the PSA on June 13th, 2024 from their tapes, and premiered it on July 8th of the same year.


Child trafficking PSA that bears resemblance to the anti-hazing PSA.

The full PSA.

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