Keep Off My Grass! (found Micky Dolenz comedy film; 1972)

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Film poster.

Status: Found

Date found: Feb. '17

Found by: Unknown

Keep Off My Grass! is a 1972 comedy film directed by Shelley Berman. The film tells the story of a young hippy group that moves into a town and causes panic among the other villagers. It is known as Berman's directorial debut and stars Micky Dolenz, drummer and lead singer of The Monkees.[1]

To this day, this film has not yet resurfaced publically. No copies are known to exist, but a DVD release of the film is in the works. In 2014, the film was reportedly in the possession of Iain Lee of Monkee Bootlegs and was to receive a wide release.[2][3]

In February 2016, another Facebook page posted about receiving a master copy of the DVD for the film, and has had DVD covers, bonus features, and commentary created for it.[4]

As of February 2017, the movie is now available on DVD for sale at Amazon.[5]

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