Kid Cudi/WZRD - "Rocket" (partially found single by rock band; 2011)

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Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius, also known as WZRD.

Status: Partially Found

On January 30th, 2011, Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius of the band WZRD appeared live on the streaming platform Ustream to promote their upcoming self-titled album. They previewed 2 new songs ('Perfect Is The Word' and 'Rocket') and said that they, along with another track called 'Upper Room' were meant to be the three leading singles for said album. However, while 'Perfect Is The Word' was eventually released on Soundcloud[1] as a standalone track and 'Upper Room' ended up being the final track on the album, 'Rocket' was never actually released beyond the poor-quality Ustream preview despite high demand from fans.


Upon the WZRD album's release, for unknown reasons the complete lyrics to 'Rocket'[2] were included in the iTunes release of the album's instrumental opening track 'The Arrival'. Said lyrics also included a second verse not found in the Ustream release, which goes as follows:

The boy was saddened yet excited he finished the rocket

He thought of home, the girl who occupied his locket

There was no good, he needed a change, and thus he found it

A place called Earth, blue and green, it was their arrival

The plants, the trees, extraordinary things, great place for science

So overwhelmed by this, he cut off the people who loved him

His mind corrupted, boy transformed into a wizard

All alone, he thinks about the days

He was born to go where no one's gone before

And so he thought

How far can we really go?

How far can we really go?

How do we go?

I'd surely like to know

How far can we really go?

How far can we really go?


To this day, the second verse still hasn't been found.


The segment of the live stream containing 'Rocket', currently the best quality version that's available.


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