Kirby: Right Back At Ya!: "Shell-Shocked" (found English dub of anime episode; 2005-2006)

Kirby: RBaY!: "Shell-Shocked" (English dub)
A screenshot from the episode.
A screenshot from the episode.
Status Found
Date found 26 Sept. 2015
Found by Operation Hoshi no Kaabii

Shell-Shocked was the 88th episode of Kirby: Right Back At Ya!. It centered around Escargoon's shell breaking.

The episode was supposed to air on June 11, 2005, but was pre-empted by "This Week's Baseball" for unknown reasons (it is still currently unknown if it officially aired anyway or not in markets where 4Kids TV and the remainder of Fox's programs were seen on separate stations due to the main Fox affiliates in those markets refusing to clear 4KidsTV, though comments suggest that it was preempted in those markets as well). The episode didn't properly air until 2006 and was ultimately lost until YouTuber "Operation Hoshi no Kaabii" uploaded it on September 26th, 2015. The dub and a promo for it can be found below.


Promo for the dub.
The dub itself.




13 months ago
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First, why did "This Week's Baseball" preempt this? Second, did this still air anyway in markets where 4Kids TV and the main Fox network aired on different stations, as was the case in Detroit?

Anonymous user #2

7 months ago
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No, I'm pretty sure it didn't.

Anonymous user #1

12 months ago
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Bruh why this weeks news bro


6 months ago
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Wow. I had no idea that this episode was lost for a portion of time.

I was a huge Kirby fan growing up and watched the series religiously during its initial run on Fox Kids/The FoxBox. I do specifically remember this episode not airing, and trying to consult Kirby's Rainbow Resort - the big Kirby fansite of the time - for the reason why it wasn't showing that week.

I did end up seeing the original Japanese version with subs, as well as the initial proper airing of the episode in 2006. I know that the episode was called "Escargoon's Nudity" in Japan, so folks speculated that it was being withheld for censorship reasons.


5 months ago
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What a coincidence! It was found on my birthday. What birthday present :)
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