Kirin Monoshiri Kan (partially found anime; 1975-1984)

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A screenshot from an episode from Kirin Monoshiri Kan.

Status: Partially Found

Kirin Monoshiri Kan was an anime that aired on MBS TV and TBS TV from January 1st, 1975 to December 31th, 1984 with a total of 1,560 episodes.


Kirin Monoshiri Kan is about a cat named Cathy and a mouse teaching children about history while trying to get along. The two quarrel constantly, usually the mouse outwitting the cat.


About two episodes of Kirin Monoshiri Kan have been found, both very poorly translated and only in Japanese. The show has never reaired or gotten any English dub during its run.


The first episode of Kirin Monoshiri Kan.
The second episode of Kirin Monoshiri Kan.