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A still from one of the comics.
A still from one of the comics.
Status Partially Lost

}} The website that hosted the web comics was Before the website expired in early 2016 it was maintained by Ryan Armand.

Most of the content on the site was not archived. Some of the missing content has since been recovered, however the majority remains missing.

A list of the content that is still lost is currently available from an effect to recover the lost content. Here

Recovered comics

A Vampire story

Regarding the acquisition of hats!





the lion

the sun

the old world

The kid what sassed Santa

2006 Comic review

If baby fell apart, what would you do?

Fruit on the bush

The extraordinary day of tad

people comics

Ribald Youth(main story)

the thing in the water (title unconfirmed)

panorama (no verified missing images)

Mildly Inconvenient Journey of Pelen Purul

pelen53.jpg pelen54.jpg pelen55.jpg pelen56.jpg pelen57.jpg pelen58.jpg
Low Resolution versions avalible



Partially recovered

Darn you football

Missing darnyoufootball7.gif


Missing pages
fist33.png fist34.png fist35.png fist36.png
fist37.png fist38.png fist39.png fist40.png
fist41.png fist42.png fist43.png fist44.png
fist45.png fist46.png fist47.png fist48.png
fist49.png fist50.png fist51.png fist52.png
fist53.png fist54.png fist55.png fist56.png
fist57.png fist58.png fist59.png fist60.png
fist61.png fist62.png fist63.png fist64.png
fist65.png fist66.png fist67.png fist68.png
fist69.png fist70.png fist71.png fist72.png
fist73.png fist74.png fist75.png fist76.png
fist77.png fist78.png fist79.png fist80.png
fist81.png fist82.png fist83.png fist84.png
fist85.png fist86.png fist87.png
fist88.png fist89.png

Modern fried snake

Missing pages
modern920.jpg modern1102.jpg modern1103.jpg
modern1104.jpg modern1105.jpg modern1106.jpg
modern1107.jpg modern1108.jpg modern1109.jpg
modern1110.jpg modern1111.jpg modern1112.jpg
Other lost content hosted on these websites or by the same author
kiwissmallbanner8ds.gif oneeyepage.jpg fanart_rezo.gif
Full URL Due to generic names
From Defunct image hosting site

Mostly lost


Missing pages
page10.jpg page11.jpg page12.jpg page13.jpg page14.jpg page15.jpg
page16.jpg page17.jpg page18.jpg page19.jpg page20.jpg page21.jpg
page22.jpg page23.jpg page24.jpg page25.jpg page26.jpg page27.jpg
page28.jpg page29.jpg page30.jpg page31.jpg page32.jpg page33.jpg
page34.jpg page35.jpg page36.jpg page37.jpg page38.jpg page39.jpg
page40.jpg page41.jpg page42.jpg page43.jpg page44.jpg page45.jpg
page46.jpg page47.jpg page48.jpg page49.jpg page50.jpg page51.jpg
page52.jpg page53.jpg page54.jpg page55.jpg page56.jpg page57.jpg
page58.jpg page59.jpg page60.jpg page61.jpg page62.jpg page63.jpg
page64.jpg page65.jpg page66.jpg page67.jpg page68.jpg page69.jpg
page70.jpg page71.jpg page72.jpg page73.jpg page74.jpg page75.jpg
page76.jpg page77.jpg page78.jpg page85.jpg page86.jpg page87.jpg
page88.jpg page89.jpg page90.jpg page91.jpg page92.jpg page93.jpg
page94.jpg page95.jpg page96.jpg page97.jpg page99.jpg page100.jpg
page101.jpg page102.jpg page103.jpg page104.jpg page105.jpg page106.jpg
page107.jpg page108.jpg page109.jpg page110.jpg page111.jpg page112.jpg
page113.jpg page114.jpg page115.jpg page116.jpg page117.jpg page118.jpg
page119.jpg page120.jpg page121.jpg page122.jpg page123.jpg page124.jpg
page125.jpg page126.jpg page127.jpg page128.jpg page129.jpg page130.jpg
page131.jpg page132.jpg page133.jpg page134.jpg page135.jpg page136.jpg
page137.jpg page138.jpg page139.jpg page140.jpg page141.jpg page142.jpg
page143.jpg page144.jpg page145.jpg page146.jpg page147.jpg page148.jpg
page149.jpg page150.jpg page151.jpg page152.jpg page153.jpg page154.jpg
page155.jpg page156.jpg page157.jpg page158.jpg page159.jpg page160.jpg
page161.jpg page162.jpg page163.jpg page164.jpg page165.jpg page166.jpg
page167.jpg page168.jpg page169.jpg page170.jpg page171.jpg page172.jpg
page173.jpg page174.jpg page175.jpg page176.jpg page177.jpg page178.jpg
page179.jpg page180.jpg page181.jpg page182.jpg page183.jpg page184.jpg
page185.jpg page186.jpg page187.jpg page188.jpg page189.jpg page190.jpg
page191.jpg page192.jpg page193.jpg page194.jpg page195.jpg page196.jpg
page197.jpg page198.jpg page199.jpg page200.jpg page201.jpg page202.jpg
page203.jpg page204.jpg page205.jpg page206.jpg page207.jpg page208.jpg
page209.jpg page210.jpg page211.jpg page212.jpg page213.jpg page214.jpg
page215.jpg page216.jpg page217.jpg page218.jpg page219.jpg page220.jpg
page221.jpg page222.jpg page223.jpg page224.jpg page225.jpg page226.jpg
page227.jpg page228.jpg page229.jpg page230.jpg page231.jpg s2.jpg
s3.jpg page98.jpg (existence unverified)

Mirrors The Mega folder

Comment section, Send messages about the mirror here

 List of missing content(404VILLE) will still be maintained at until the back up mirror is feature complete

Mirror, complete but lacks comics from after a certain date




19 months ago
Score 0++
Ive had so many network timeouts using this site so i decided to save the article each time i add something so i don't lose allot of text and have to rewrite it


19 months ago
Score 0++

Frequent Network Timeout when previewing the tables/layout ect I know theres a few things i need to correct but the article is so far so good

I'm probably going to pick this up tomorrow but im probably going to leave the Editorial note because this page isn't done yet


11 months ago
Score 4++
Maybe this article is obvious to the author since they know about the subject, but please keep the reader in mind when writing something... Do you really think a huge list of filenames like "page174.jpg" is helpful to someone who doesn't know about the comic?


8 months ago
Score 1++
So... what should we do about it now?? It seems it hasn't gotten much better.

Anonymous user #1

8 months ago
Score 0++
Perhaps actually persuading the author of this article to finish it or fixing the format this article so desperately needs. If not, then this article should be deleted since the page has been the same for 2 months or needs to be re-written from the ground-up.

Anonymous user #1

6 months ago
Score 1++
A month later, this page is still a mess and I still have no idea what this webcomic is about. I'd suggest deleting this page and maybe add a request for it to be re-written.


3 months ago
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Delete this please
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