Królestwo Maciusia (partially found Polish game show; 2005-2007)

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Status: Partially Found

Królestwo Maciusia (translated as Macius's Kingdom) was a Polish phone call game show that aired on TVP1 since April 17th, 2005[1] to early 2007. The show was based on the 2002 cartoon "Little King Macius" which also is based on a book from 1922, written by Janusz Korczak. The same show is a bit similar to the international phone call game show "Hugo" which also aired in Poland on Polsat from 2000-2009. Because players also use phone numbers in competition to play. The program consisted of three games played in the Tournament Hall (Sala Turniejowa in Polish) by three teams (Red, Yellow and Green). In addition, the episode winners went to the final for King Macius's Game King title, played once in three episodes. In between games, broadcasts from the News Studio (Studio Wiadomości) were broadcast, which looked similar to the TVP1 News studio from the period 2002-2004 and Teleexpress from the years 2003-2006. When the News Studio starts, players could call to the studio and play the game using the phone keys.


The fact that it aired on Sunday mornings, it's unlikely that many people have recorded episodes. Little footage of the show was resufraced online. Until April 10th, 2017, only traces were incomplete episode and reel of the show, but on April 10th, 2017 user Śmietnik Marc'a uploaded episode from May 29th, 2005 to YouTube. The show had a site, which shutdown probably after series end. There's too still from the show on this dead site, also was released games, that contain games used in the show. Changes are very slim to none, that series will be found, but are changes to more episodes will be posted.


Episode from May 29, 2005
Incomplete episode, probably from 2006
Reel from the show
Video of commercial break from September 2005, containing promo from show. Promo starts at 1:08

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