Le storie di Farland (partially found Italian children's television series; 1994)

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Le storie di Farland.jpeg

A still of the show.

Status: Partially Found

Le storie di Farland is a 1994 Italian TV series, aired as part of the cartoon container program Solletico. Originally conceived as an interactive game where kids at home could move the plot via their telephone (like other games inside the block, it was instead aired as a series of 5-minutes long shorts. The show is about Formigola, a man who lives in the woods and often saves the magic kingdom of Farland from various menaces, usually with the help of some magical object. The main peculiarity of the show is the rudimental yet suggestive special effects used for the show: most of the backgrounds were done as small dioramas the actors are inserted in via green screen, while the various non-human creatures were either cartoon characters or done with prosthetics and animatronics.


The show has a total of 40 episodes, most of which aren't available to the public at the moment. In 2013, after Telesia s.p.a. (the original show producers) closed, the rights for the show were bought by Andreaggi Film, who started to upload episodes from the show starting in November 2018.


# Episode Title Status
1 La ninfa del tempio Lost
2 Frigomagilibro Found
3 La mela di Perfidia Found
4 L'insidia del tempo Found
5 Il drago di Farland Found
6 L'Aureo Calice Found
7 L'unicorno Lost
8 La ragnatela del gambero Lost
9 L'uomo ombra Lost
10 Il ricatto Lost
11 L'anello magico Lost
12 Dante, il golosone Found
13 Una forchetta per Dante Lost
14 La bacchetta di Perfidia Lost
15 Formigola contro Formigola Found
16 Un mostro di strega Found
17 Il tesoro del drago Lost
18 Una somiglianza magica Lost
19 Il canto della ninfa Found
20 La ninfa incantata Found
21 Oxpalidur Found
22 L'orco e la saetta Found
23 La vendetta del troll Lost
24 Una carota speciale Lost
25 La luna del lupo Lost
26 Uno sguardo pietrificante Lost
27 Un nemico in ossa e ossa Lost
28 Il furto della voce Found
29 La corona farlandina Lost
30 La torta di compleanno Lost
31 Una gara insidiosa Lost
32 Un fenomeno naturale Found
33 L'invasione dei draghi Lost
34 Un freddo improvviso Lost
35 A lezione con Perfidia Lost
36 Il ritorno del Gamberagno Lost
37 Un giorno da lupi Lost
38 Una trasformazione imperiale Lost
39 Un sacrificio per Farland Lost
40 Un aiuto extraspeciale Lost

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